• WEEKEND NUTRITION MINISTRY -- Each week CTLC provides food for 410 children in 7 Bell County school districts & Teague.  A weekly backpack filled with food during the school year costs $10/month.  Would you like to sponsor a child?  Please contact Jim Hornsby.

  • The total food poundage through 2016 given out by CTLC was approximately 1,187,527 pounds!

  • ​We have opened the pantry on the second Thursday of each month to serve clients with disabilities who are confined to a wheelchair and/or need oxygen maintenance. We are open from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.​
  • Would you like to tour CTLC to see how the pantry is utilizing community donations to meet needs? We are open Monday through Friday for tours -- just call Jim Hornsby to schedule a tour (254-913-4220)

  • Feed My Sheep needs volunteers to do general repairs on the building and to serve and/or prepare meals. Click HERE for a newsletter with more info. You can go to our website and Facebook to see our immediate needs and current updates on our building projects.

  • Pickup and Delivery of Food -- drivers with trucks are needed to pick up food locally and deliver it to CTLC.  Volunteers are needed for Mondays & Fridays (8:30-noon) or Wednesdays (6:30-11:30 AM).

  • The outreach ministry with Centex Alcohol & Drug Rehab is ongoing. Each week the Rehab center transports 8-to-10 new male residents to CTLC where they are given a Bible, toiletries and clothing within 24 hours of exiting prison.  Please pray for these men as they start their 90-day program.

  • CTLC is partnering with 27 churches to help feed the homeless in Temple.  Feed my Sheep on Avenue G provides a hot meal and a bag dinner for about 150 people daily.  It's open 7 days a week from 11:30 to 12:30 with soup night from 6:00-7:00 on Thursdays  Please contact Jim Hornsby if you want to help.

  • It takes  35 VOLUNTEERS each day CTLC is open to clients to meet their needs.  Volunteers, one or a group, are needed!  Several positions are open;  filing, computer, and general office skills are helpful.  Contact Jim Hornsby for more information.  Volunteer training is held every Wednesday morning from 8:00-9:00.

  • We always have a great need for used pew Bibles, paperback or hard cover, if you are needing to find a new home for them.
  • We have a great need for able-bodied men to help load and unload and at least 1 man with a pick-up truck to pick up food from TLC and then help unload it at CTLC on Wednesday mornings at 8:00.  Anyone who volunteers should be able to lift heavy loads with no problem.

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Donation Hours

Below is a partial list of partners with CTLC this year:  

  • Central Counties Services MHMR
  • Reaching Out Crisis Ministry
  • Temple College 
  • Temple ISD 
  • Transformation Station
  • True Grind Ministries 
  • UMHB Pre-Health Professionals Club​

Want to receive our quarterly newsletter?  Please send us your email address.  Contact us by email (ctlcministries@sbcglobal.net ) or phone (778-6885).

 Mondays 7:00 AM - noon
 7:00 AM - noon
 7:00 AM - noon
 Fridays 7:00 AM - noon
 7:00 AM - noon

CTLC is an ecumenical organization of over 30 local churches working with the support of area business and social service groups to meet basic human needs on a temporary and/or emergency basis.  Our staff is composed entirely of volunteers who assist 200 plus families per week.  These include street people, the elderly, the disabled, and those marginally employed or unemployed.

  • If you are a person needing assistance from CTLC, please go to our Services page for a description of the kinds of assistance we offer and our hours of operation.


  •  If you or your organization would like to volunteer to work during the week in assisting families and individuals who come in for help, please click on our Volunteers page.  There are several areas that you can volunteer to work in.


  • If you need someone to speak to your group or organization about CTLC, speakers are available.  Just call us during Donation Hours (see below) at 254-778-6885 and ask for the executive director, Jim Hornsby, or email us at ctlc@ctlcministries.org and we'll set something up. 


  • If you would like to make a donation of food, clothing and/or household items, please see the Donations page.  Financial donations are also needed to purchase many of the food and hygiene items given out – information on how to make such a donation can also be found on this page.


  • At times CTLC runs short of certain items that we would normally try to have available to give to the families/individuals who need them.  You will find a list of those items on the Current Needs page.