These are the days that we need volunteers to do the actual preparation for Distribution Days.  Some of the jobs that these volunteers are involved with are the following:

  • Food pick-up from area distributors;
  • Filling grocery bags;
  • Filing and other office work;
  • Restocking inventory;
  • Clothing organization;
  • Collecting donations from the public when they drop things off.

These are the days that CTLC is open to clients.  There are several ways for volunteers to help: 

  • Registering clients at the main desk;
  • Meeting with clients one-on-one for counseling and praying with those who request prayer;
  • Distributing clothing and household items;
  • Distributing food;
  • Helping clients carry bags to their cars.
Churches Touching Lives for Christ

Tuesdays (12:30-3:40) & Saturdays (8:30-11:40)

Help for the Hurting

Work Days

Distribution Days

CTLC Needs Volunteers!

Wednesdays (9:00-10:30) & Saturdays (10:30-noon)

CTLC is an all-volunteer organization.  We have many opportunities for individuals, churches and organizations that want to help through food drives, working with clients, food delivery and pickup, and direct contributions.

If you attend a local church, your church may already be involved with CTLC.  To find out, go to our List of Church Teams to see if your church is listed as one of the teams that regularly volunteers at CTLC. 

Of course, we welcome volunteers during any of our Distribution and Work Days whether you are part of a church team or not.  Just come during our operating hours and we'll find a place for you.

If you need to get in some community service hours (i.e., Temple Housing Authority residents or youth doing court-ordered community service), just come by during normal CTLC operating hours and sign in and we’ll put you to work. 

CTLC is also a great place to get volunteer hours for the National Honor Society or Humanities classes.  For those volunteers who need it, the director of CTLC will write a letter to their supervisor documenting their volunteer hours. So, come on by or give us a call (254-778-6885) and we will put you to work!